Jaysen Buterin

Actor.  Writer.  Director.  Producer.  Musician.  Drummer (wait for it…). Model.  Artist.  Canvas.  Columnist.  Music Journalist.  When it comes to wearing different hats it’s a damn good thing that Jaysen Buterin has such a big head.  Not his actual ego, mind you… but literally the sheer physical size of his cranium – something akin to lugging around an orange on a toothpick.  And so it was that Jaysen (and his cerebral Sputnik), shuffled onto this mortal coil one bicentennial day back in 1976, by way of the maternity ward at the Clayton Hospital, making his world premiere in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Rather early on, Jaysen had the sneaking suspicion that his path in life may divert down a slightly more “unconventional” direction than others.  At the tender young age of four, he became the only kindergartener in Warren County history to successfully and effectively use three out of seven of George Carlin’s “Dirty Words”. (An accolade, as far as he knows, he still holds to this day).  And so was born a lifelong love affair with words, both the profane and the profound, as well as the kick start to the heart that comes with the attention-getting adrenalin rush of performing.

Fast forward thru the commercials of capricious youth.   Armed with a pen in one hand and a pair of drumsticks in the other, hell-bent and heuristic, he sped down the highway of higher learning when he relocated to Cape Girardeau, MO.  Here an adventure in academentia resulted in two degrees for our hero and, more importantly, in the big bang creation of his professional writing career as a music journalist and columnist.  The next thing he knew was eastbound and down – loaded up and trucking, right into Greensboro, North Carolina.

Working as a graphic and web designer by day, fanning the flames of the rock & roll fires by night (and getting a Master’s Degree in Literature in between), Buterin found his cinematic partners in crime when he founded Mad Ones Films in the summer of 2006.  This was just in time to compete in the Greensboro 48 Hour Film Project where he won a Honourable Mention for Best Writing with “Z-Day: A Fantastic Zombie Love Story.”  Once again feeling that kick start to the heart, Jaysen took to pen and paper to write his first official screenplay, “The Devil’s Tramping Ground.”

Based off of local legends and ghost stories, this modern-day Faustian rock & roll thriller thrust Buterin in front of the camera as a lead actor but it was behind the lens where he felt his true calling lie (at least, according to the voices in his head).  Another dalliance with the 48 Hour Film Project put him on the hot pink path to the director’s chair where he created such short film masterpieces as “Behind the Mistletoe,” the “Zombie Service Announcement Series (Z.S.A.’s),” “Flipper Stripper Vixens at the Inferno A-Go-Go!!!” and the award-winning slasher horror/comedy cult classic, “The Decapitator.”

For the last two years Buterin has devoted both himself and the Mad Ones to labouring away on a sin-soaked scintillating titillating thrill ride of a short film trilogy, “The Gospel According to Booze, Bullets & Hot Pink Jesus.”  Act III of the Trilogy, “Have Faith, Will Travel” will premiere early 2012.  As the writer and director of the cinematic second coming, and as Creative Director of Mad Ones Films, Buterin’s mission has been to show the unbridled kaleidoscopic creativity just waiting to be unleashed when the inmates are finally allowed to roam free and run the moviemaking asylum.  Once the HPJ Trilogy is completed, Buterin will lead the Mad Ones into the first of many feature film forays.  At the moment there are several scripts running amok in that big giant head of his… stay tuned!

Influences: Rod Serling’s “Twilight Zone”; the Rolling Stones; the Beat Generation; The Muppets; classical Universal Horror films; Peanuts (the comic strip/cartoons, not the legume); Robert Rodriguez; Papa Diablo & Mama Mia; George Carlin; Edgar Allan Poe; Tom Waits; Alfred Hitchcock; Stephen Moffatt & the Venerable Joss Whedon.

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