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Name: In-hee Kang, aka Sex and Pleasure.
Age: 23
Origin: Korea
Language: Herp da Derp.

Geekery: Dr. Who, Soul Calibur, Anime, Cosplay, RPG Video Games, Pokemon, Army Wives, Weird Pornos.

On a foggy night in Korea, a baby was born. They decided to name the child In-hee kang, translating into joy, happiness, and pleasure. he child was then adopted into an American family, to be called Sex, or the walking Asian Orgasm. The child grew up to be a strong, gelatinous woman, excelling in the fluent language of herp da derp. She’s been a long time cosplayer, going to conventions. Over the past 4 years, she’s been volunteering for Stellarcon, and now the consuite director.

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