Maya Preisler

Maya Renee aka Maya Preisler

Maya is a space faerie ninja who was abandoned on Earth one Beltaine in the early 80s. She was raised by a tribe of Amazons and later rescued by a merry clan of pirate gaming geckos (and may or may not have called herself one of their Queens). Any urban legends about her skills as a gamer are completely true (but only on the PC). She probably still answers to the handle Paradox and may also be a superhero. By day she masquerades as a nerdy human girl with brightly coloured hair and glasses who traces her nerdy identity to a childhood pretending to be Starbuck, Wonder Woman, Luke Skywalker and a thousand other space heroes. Her first con was at age twelve, when she became a Klingon and fell head first into full on nerd-dom.

Maya attended Guilford Technical Community College for Graphic Design and Commercial Art, and then completed her BFA in cross-disciplinary arts with focuses in Digital Media and Fibers at UNC Charlotte (which is just a really fancy way of saying she’s a crazy artist who makes a wide range of awesome stuff). She is the Chief CreaTrx and Tech Faerie behind Trxtr5 LLC where she masterminds creative apparel and accessories for geeks of all colours and stripes.

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